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Want to learn about open-air museums in Poland? Looking for the museum near Gdansk or Wroclaw? Want to check what interesting you can see in the museum in Olsztynek or Nowy Sacz? You don’t know, what a Lusatian house looks like? How to build a hip roof? will answer all these questions.

How does come into being? Polish Internet sites were lacking a site where all the information about all the open-air museums could be find. There were no maps, on which these museums would be selected. There were no pictures of cottages, granaries, dovecotes and windmills. Therefore, we have decided to create something that would fill all the gaps. We have created a web site dedicated to Polish open-air museums, where apart from the maps including the museums, you will be able to find necessary practical information, interesting details, and pictures described by ethnographers. Sought to ensure that everyone can easily find and view Lusatian house in Podkarpacie, horse clogs or the open-air "Sieve Farmstead" museum.

What is for? We want to popularize Polish folk culture in a new and attractive form, while maintaining high professional level. We also want to create a database of images, which will include architectural objects representing ethnographic regions in Poland. Thereby, we contribute to the Polish cultural heritage being digitized.

The aim of this web site is not to compete with the web sites of museums but to give Internet users an alternative. Therefore, all the pictures posted on this web site are licensed under "Creative Commons - Attribution - NonCommercial". We trust you will use the pictures well and creatively.

The web site is the effect of the project pursued by Witold Dynowski Ethnographic Laboratory Association. The project implementation was possible thanks to the financial support provided by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Orange Foundation, but primarily through the work of members and supporters of the Ethnographic Laboratory Association. Anna Czyżewska directs the activity of this web site.

For more information about Ethnographic Laboratory Association – visit here.

This project has been funded with support from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The project was created under the auspice of Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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